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I know, it's been forever.
So, and Missy, keep your trap shut;
add one of the two or both of these names;
nextup_charlie and thekitchenqueen.
Please and thanks, I'll be terminating all my other journals
because I'm going to be upkeeping that one.
Please and thanks!

Stolen from synchronik.

Ask me one question for each of the following:
1. friends
2. sex
3. music
4. drugs
5. love
6. livejournal

No matter how rude, sexual, or confidential.
Then post this in your journal and see what questions you get asked.

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Gerard xx Frank }}
Clocks Stopped [When You Came Back]

Bert xx Gerard/Frank xx Gerard }}
"Alone In A Crowded Room"
part one | part two

Andrew McMahon xx Frank Iero }}
Death ;; prompt #2

Discontinued or Otherwise/Etc. Fics

Bob Bryar xx Bert McCracken/Bert xx Gerard/Gerard xx Frank }}
"Keep My Heart Somewhere Drugs Don't Go"
chapter one
chapter two

Jared Leto xx Gerard Way/Mikey Way xx Ber McCracken }}
"A Lack Of Color"
chapter one

Geard Way xx Frank Iero }}
"nmber one [with a bullet]"
title ;; From Here You Can't See Me Stare ;; chapter one ; you're perfect, so flawless
rating ;; PG-13
pairing ;; brendon urie and william beckett
summary ;;
"I just remembered, that time at the market
snuck up behind me and jumped on my shopping cart
And rode down, aisle 5
you looked behind you to smile back at me
crashed into a rack full of magazines
they asked us if we could leave
- John Mayer
disclaimer ;; why do you have to pour salt into the wound?
author's note ;; chapter one in a series of ten, all inspired by abstract deviantART pictures and lyrics, all the lyrics and titles are John Mayer's. Enjoy please!

chapter one ; you're perfect, so flawless...Collapse )

riddle me this }} #1/#1

Title ;; Riddle Me This
Pairing ;; Ryan Ross and Frank Iero
Rating ;; PG-13
Warnings ;; suicidal thoughts
Summary ;; I've got a riddle for you...have you figured it out yet? I'll tell you...
Disclaimer ;; DON'T RUB IT IN...
Author's Note ;; I'm starting a chaptered fic soon, but I'll still be updating these one-shots I've been writing. HAVE FUN! I tried something different here, tell me if you like it!

riddle me this, love...Collapse )

Several Ways To Die Trying }} #1/#1

Title: several ways to die trying
Author: touchof_arsenic
Pairing: Brendon xx Gerard Way
Rating: PG-13 for suicidal thoughts/themes
POV: third
But Brendon isn’t supposed to care. He never cared about Gerard, he even said so. Brendon Urie doesn’t feel, and he certainly didn’t (want) to feel for Gerard.
Disclaimer: nope, nunuh, not mine, no way Jose!
Author Note: Okay, so, I really like this one. :) I was just bored, and got to thinking about how I roll my cigarettes between my fingers. So have fun! :D Tell me if you want a sequel. ;)

I tried to laugh about it, hiding the tears in my eyes...Collapse )
Title: ink that lies, the pen, the page, the paper }} #1/#2 [?]
Author: gluedto_mybones's archive
Rating: PG-13, because I feel like it.
Pairing: Jon & Ryan --> outside my comfort zone, here.
POV: third, centered on Ryan and Jon
Summary: There's something akin to affection on everyone's face as they watch Ryan untie every tree by himself, and he starts singing a christmas tune in an oddly-cheerful and beautiful falsetto voice.
Disclaimer: DON'T RUB IT IN!!!
Author Notes: I WANT FEEDBACK. I changed my writing style (or at least it feels like I did), and I wanna hear how you like/hate it. I've been reading a lot of Christmas fics lately, and they're inspirational...
Dedicated to:
muffichka because I loff you! And the Cure kicks ass yo. REST WELL! *protects*
stereotypeloser because, Jamie, you're so cool! And you're a penis. We need more of those here...

you're the last thing I wanna see underneath the tree.Collapse )

Authentic }} #2/#3

Title: Authentic part two of three
Author: touchof_arsenic
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ryan/Travis, Ryan/Pete, Ryan/William
POV: third
Summary: "If you still want to, I'll be here. I'll never leave."
Disclaimer: DON'T RUB IT IN!!!
Author Notes: This part is a bit smaller, because I just felt that it was good to end where it was. The next part, the last one, will be much longer, so it'll be up...in twelve to fourteen hours, because I'll be planning it out, along with another chaptered piece for here. :)

part one }} do you remember when we used to be fine?Collapse )

there was no one but you and meCollapse )